Promote to Earn

We believe the music promotion process should be democratized. In the traditional music streaming industry, big labels employ full-time marketers to promote music and new artists. To stand out in the competitive environment, many artists chose to sign a big label, follow instructions to produce the label's preferred music, and assign and transfer benefits to the label for being promoted.
The system hurts the artists since most of the streaming service revenues are going to the label instead of creators, and it also hurts listeners. Since the promotion is monopolized by big labels, normal listeners' voices are usually neglected. Additionally, listeners' efforts to market their preferred artists are not treated fairly. Big labels want fans to share newly launched pieces on social media to advertise but never pay.
In order to solve the issue, we propose a promote-to-earn model to make listeners be the agents to decide which music they want to promote and share the revenue if their promotes are "bought" by others.