Long-time Goal

By design, we hope to launch the following four products in the protocol to establish good music streaming services as well as a safe, secure, and anti-abuse cryptoeconomic system.

Sonorus music marketplace

Music is a digital asset and its internal value should be monetized.
  • Artists and music copyright owners can upload their music to Sonorus, mint corresponding music NFTs, and trade the NFTs
  • Promoters, fans, and developers who need music streaming can discover the music they want on the Sonorus marketplace, and promote them in their own space

Sonorus music player

Sonorus music player is the environment where people stream Sonorus music. Sonorus music player includes
  • Streaming on Sonorus website
  • Other streaming services providers developed on Sonorus SDKs

Sonorus music streaming SDKs

Currently, Sonorus music streaming SDKs are still under development.We understand one single application cannot bring an equally enjoyable experience to a wide range of users. Therefore, we are more than willing to provide a set of open-sourced developer SDKs to fulfill a variety of needs while still ensuring all streaming happens within Sonorus protocol environment, so that people's promotion results can be fairly rewarded by-laws.

Sonorus music database

Sonorus music database stores and summarizes all music streaming data generated from Sonorus music player, so that others can leverage the data to create new things. Users on Sonorus have 100% ownership of their data and they can provide data value to DApps or related interests by giving authorization. The detailed mechanism is still under design and will be released in the future.