Music Record NFT

What is Music Record NFT?

A Music Record NFT in Sonorus is a BEP-1155 token that represents one's on-chain support to a piece of music. Each copy of Music Record NFT, while being placed on active Record Players, grants owners the right to collect daily $RUS token yield as rewards for supporting the song, while increasing the song's total heat score.

Record NFT Exchange

Collectors of Music Record NFTs can freely exchange their Music Record NFTs. Here are 2 ways for collectors to trade copies:

  • Sonorus In-App Market. Sonorus' App facilitates record trades within the application. Please note that Sonorus will charge 5% of the final sales as transaction fees.

  • Third-party exchanges. Collectors can withdraw their Music Record NFTs and exchange them on any BSC-supported NFT exchanges.

Active Copies vs Idle Copies

To utilize Record NFTs on Sonorus, Record NFTs must be bound to ACTIVE record players. Record NFTs bound to active record players are considered Active Copies. If the record players become inactive, then Record NFTs bound become inactive too. Please note that when Record NFTs are bound to record players, they are not unavailable for trades regardless of the status of the record players. Record NFT owners need to unbind them first before trading.

When Record NFTs are NOT bound to any record players, then they become Idle Copies. While idle copies are not eligible to receive daily record yield, only idle copies can be traded with other users.

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