Dynamic Daily Yield Amount

Building the popularity of music is like building an ideological consensus among audiences. Therefore, Sonorus implements a dynamic yield calculation system to reflect music consensus among Sonorus community. In this system, the amount of $RUS tokens to collect for each copy of Music Records varies based on the Heat Score Ranking of corresponding songs, which is dynamically calculated every day. Essentially, the higher a song's Heat Score Ranking among all the music in the Sonorus catalog, the greater the $RUS token yields its active NFTs holders will receive on the following day.

Heat Score Ranking Details

A song's Heat Score is updated daily at 00:00:00(UTC) to reflect the most recent popularity of the song. The Hear Score is composed of the sum of the following 3 subscores:

  1. Total active copies score

    1. Each active copy of Record NFT held by any Sonorus user at 00:00:00(UTC) counts 1 point toward the total active record score

  2. Last 7-day newly issued record score

    1. To reflect more recent popularity of songs, if a song's newly issued copies of Record NFTs in the last 7 days exceed 10 copies, each new copy in the last 7 days counts 5 points

    2. If a song's newly issued copies of Record NFTs in the last 7 days do NOT exceed 10 copies, each day since the song was published counts as -10 points

  3. Boost score

    1. Any user can boost a song's Heat Score with their $RUS tokens. For every 3 $RUS tokens used to boost will add 1 point towards the total score. Only those $RUS used to boost today will be counted.

In summary, if a song has x active copies of Music Record the current day, y newly issued copies of Music Record in the past 7 days, and receives z boost $RUS the current day, then its Heat Score H will be:

  • If y>10, then H=x+5y+z/3

  • If y<=10 and the song has been published for n days, then H=x-10n+z/3

Ranking Rules

Every day at the end of the day (UTC-0), Sonorus will rank all songs with a score from the highest to the lowest, and calculate the percentile ranking of each song among all ranked songs. The percentile ranking results will eventually determine each song's yield tier.

  • For instance, if there are 100 songs with positive total scores, and song A has the highest score, it will rank in the top 1%. If song B is ranked 40th, it will be positioned in the top 40%.

  • In cases where multiple songs have the same ranking, the percentile rankings are rounded down. For example, if the top 10 songs among a total of 100 songs with active copies have the same Heat Scores, the yield tier for that day will be calculated based on the Top 10% percentile for all those songs.

Daily Yield Tiers

Percentile RankingYield Tier per Active Record


6 $RUS


4 $RUS


2 $RUS


1.5 $RUS


1 $RUS

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