Sonorus' mission is simple — to make good music recognized and to make music streaming revenue distribution fairer — let people listen, let people earn.
To achieve our mission, we need to fully deploy the potential of musicians, listeners, communities, and product developers. Sonorus hopes to build a transparent music distribution system through trustless and permissionless blockchain smart contracts and a stable tokenomics system to reward contributors fairly.
Sonorus hopes to benefit:
  • Artists, people who own the music, have more transparency and control over their royalty income. They can promote their music without the need to sign a record label, be more independent in their music production, and have a deeper connection with their fans
  • Listeners, people who listen to music for different purposes, can enjoy music with a wide range of recommendations and lower fees, and earn financial rewards by becoming an early listener of a song or promoting music on their network
  • Developers, people who build user-facing products with Sonorus open-sourced streaming SDKs to share music on target, can easily build a music product to promote their favorite music on a wider range without paying bundled copyright fees and receive financial returns when new streams happen from their products