How to Start

Step 1: Sign up for a Sonorus account

Step 2: Connect your Sonorus account with your wallet address.

We are planning to launch our in-built wallet in the future to simplify the process.

Step 3: Transfer BNB to your wallet

Transfer BNB to the wallet that is connected to your account and keep a sufficient balance in your wallet. Make sure to always keep some BNB as gas.

For Music Creators

Step 4: Upload your music to Sonorus Catalog and Finalize the Distribution Setting

Sonorus catalog is decentralized stored by IPFS standard. After uploading a new piece of music, artists successfully mint and hold the NFTs of the music. They can start to share revenues if any streaming revenue is generated on a Sonorus music player, including those developed with Sonorus SDKs.
When uploading the music, the artists need to decide the specific portion of streaming revenue they are willing to share with people who promote their music. Detailed information can be found in the "Promote Your Favorite Music to Earn -> Mechanism" section.
Congratulations! Now, you are a music NFT holder and ready to earn.

For Music Listeners:

Step 4: Pay and Stream music on Sonorus music players

All the songs available on Sonorus will be priced in terms of 🎵 (SONO). Users can add SONO with BNB on the platform. A song is consumed when it is listened to for 30 seconds or more.
In order to optimize the user experience and maximize the creator's revenue, streaming can happen on Sonorus website, apps, or any other products that have Sonorus streaming SDKs (open-sourced) integrated.
After you pay for the song, you become qualified to share the future streaming revenue as your scout dividend. To maximize the potential dividend a user can receive, Sonorus allows users to buy multiple copies of one song. The detailed mechanism will be introduced in the "Scout Music to Earn" section.
Step 5: Share your music with your community and start to earn
You will receive promotion commissions when someone else on your promotion chain finds and pays for the music. The detailed mechanism will be introduced in the "Promote Your Favorite Music to Earn" section.
Keep your eyes on good music, and pay for it.