Scout Music to Earn

Good music needs scouts to find them out.
Scout-music-to-earn is to incentivize people to scout and pay for those unpopular songs, and further promote them to a broader group of audiences by redistributing streaming revenues from users who pay to listen to the same piece of music.
Through this model, we hope to break down the monopoly of traffic on the top 1% artists and bring listeners broader recommendations of music.
The current version is updated in July 2022. With the new mechanism:
  • there is no longer an earning cap on the scout-music-to-earn mechanism
  • more users will be qualified to share the reward
  • the reward distribution becomes more even
Even for those pieces with few listeners, as long as there are new listeners added in later days, previous listeners can be benefited from the mechanism, and therefore, the new version can encourage users to promote music broader as well.
Last modified 3mo ago